Anne Silber

Born in New Jersey, Anne Silber studied at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She has lived and worked in the Boston area since 1977. Silber’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout the U.S. and Europe, and her prints are included in corporate and museum collections. In addition, her serigraphs, or silkscreen prints, have appeared on the sets of over two hundred feature films and TV series, including Grey’s Anatomy, The West Wing, The Departed, and The Bucket List. These limited-edition serigraphs are handprinted by the artist using hand-cut lacquer film stencils. The inks are mixed with a large percentage of transparent base, allowing for the visual “blending” of overlaid tones, creating an effect like that of well-controlled watercolors.

Silber’s work emphasizes graphic qualities: form, line, and especially color relationships. She enjoys working with colors in an almost musical sense, creating harmonies and occasional dissonance with the combination of tones. Many of her works also explore the possibilities of light and shadow, with shadows becoming as much an interesting and integral part of the composition as the objects casting them.

Many of Silber’s landscapes and cityscapes are inspired by her love of foreign travel and the many countries she has been privileged to visit, others by the beauty of Boston and the surrounding area. Alternately, working in the realm of still life allows her the luxury of control in creating a small, ordered universe, with all elements carefully chosen and arranged.

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