John Holliger

John Holliger is a lifelong nature photographer with an animated curiosity for how potters, painters, poets, and classic photographers approach their art. He’s always on the creative edge, taking risks and asking, “What’s next?”

Based in Ohio, he comes alive walking Lake Erie’s shore at dawn. He finds inspiration in the first light amidst the boulders of Lake Huron as it curls toward Tawas Point, Michigan; the dunes and dramatic storms of Lake Michigan near Ludington; and Lake Superior’s Presque Isle when dawn’s stillness is reflected in the water or October ‘s darkest storms march into shore.

John loves the thrill of being pounded with hail, blown about by winds, and slogging through wetlands, bogs, and forests of fern. He explores the habitats of old growth forests in Hartwick Pines and the Seney National Wildlife Preserve. He listens to the ancient stories the rocks and water tell. He creates images of the night sky slowly unfolding into a new day. John’s work invites a deeper consideration of the natural forms, rhythms, and phenomena that present themselves before his lens.

A graduate of Oberlin College and Yale Divinity School, John is an Episcopal priest who served parishes in Connecticut and Ohio.  Laying down that work in 2004, John is a member of the Wooster Friends Meeting.

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